Dr. Rush Akin


Dr. Rush Akin has taken care of me for twenty years, as my primary physician. I trust Dr. Akin completely because he always gets my diagnosis correct. I see Dr. Akin regularly, but on the occasion when I don't feel well, I ALWAYS get an appointment the same day. Dr. Akin never rushes me and always lets me talk and tell him how I feel. Dr. Akin is always calm and he listens to every thing I say and always answers all of my questions. As a scientist, he slowly explains to me in terms I understand, any medication we may be talking about, and the side effects.

Dr. Akin washes his hands every time he enters the exam room. His office is spotless. His staff is the best. They always welcome me and make me feel at home in their office. I can compare Dr. Akin's health care to other doctors because, for instance, I have a kidney doctor, whom I have seen for 15 years, and he is fine, but always I feel like he has never seen me before. I always feel rushed, the doctor says the same thing to me every time I see him, which is only for a minute, and then I feel like I am pushed out the door. Big difference between doctors. Dr. Akin is superior to any other doctor I see. Dr. Akin is a fixer.